Officially Sunset: Active work ended on Quids some years ago, and unfortunately due to recent Coinbase API changes, Quids can no longer function and we're removing our downloads. You can message us on Twitter for any issues ♡


The cryptocurrency manager for your Mac.

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio securely from your Mac. View your transactions across multiple wallets, send & receive, buy & sell, plus exchange, all from within a native desktop experience.

Quids currently requires a Coinbase Referral link account

Manage your crypto wallets

View and make transactions across every one of your Coinbase wallets and vaults.

Exchange between currencies

Integration with Changelly means you can exchange between any coins in your account.

Secure, native & beautiful

Developed exclusively for macOS, with full support for Dark Mode in Mojave and security built in.

Quids has been built with complete support for Coinbase, one of the world's leading cryptocurrency platforms.

Everything you can do with Coinbase, you can do right from Quids on your desktop, with the same security.

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We're not stopping with just Coinbase — we'll be adding support for Binance (among others) next.

We'd like to hear from you which platforms and services you want to see Quids support in the future.

Which platforms next?

Fully featured. Free download.

To make Quids free for our users, we only make money from Coinbase Referral link referrals and when exchanges are made with Changelly Referral link.

Check out the changelog to see what's been shipping and what's coming up next.

Everytime we have an update available you'll see it documented on the changelog.

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Seeing an issue? Have an opinion on what we're missing? Or just a piece of feedback for us?

Visit our community on Spectrum for help and message our team there for support.

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The Quids team

Quids is a project by @reddavis and @dizzyup